Titin N-Fragment Assay Kit

We are pleased to announce that Titin N-Fragment ELISA (for human sample) from IBL Japan is now available in European market again. Titin-N Fragment is useful tool in research of sport medicine (muscle damage), NAFLD, cardiac disease, sarcopenia and frailty.

Junichi Shoda, MD, PhD, professor of dept. of gastroenterology, Tsukuba University Hospital (Tsukuba, Ibaraki, JAPAN), et al. assessed 153 NAFLD subjects and 100 non NAFLD, obesity, diabetes mellitus subjects in a retrospective study, measured urinary levels of titin-N fragment, a skeletal muscle damage marker, in the possible correlations with NAFLD pathophysiology. In this study, NAFLD subjects had more decreased knee extension strength, greater subcutaneous fat thickness, higher intensity (brightness) of the rectus femoris muscle on ultrasound imaging, and higher levels of the intra- and extra- myocellular lipids in proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Urinary titin-N fragment levels were increased with NAFLD subjects compared to non NAFLD, obesity, diabetes mellitus subjects. [reference]

The IBL Titin N-Fragment Assay Kit (CatNo: 27900) was used in this study.