Quantimetrix designs and manufactures innovative and easy-to-use laboratory control and testing products. Founded in 1974, they earned a reputation for superior quality and friendly customer service worldwide.

Their quality management system complies with the FDA quality system regulations (QSR’s), SOR/98-282 (Canadian medical devices regulations) and is ISO 13485:2003 certified. Their products are compliant with 98/79/EC – the European Union’s In Vitro diagnostic medical device directive.

Mission statement
To improve the quality of patient care around the world through science, technology and outstanding customer service while managing our business with integrity and the highest ethical standards.

Quality policy
To design and manufacture products in accordance with regulatory requirements and maintain the effectiveness of the quality management system to ensure customer satisfaction and continual improvement.

Major product lines

  • Control / reagents
  • Lipoprint® system
  • Quantrol
Cat. No.DescriptionAmount
1311-31Ammonia/ Alcohol Control, Level 13 x 5 ml
1312-31Ammonia/ Alcohol Control, Level 23 x 5 ml
1313-31Ammonia/ Alcohol Control, Level 33 x 5 ml
1331-31Bilirubin Control, Pediatric, Level 13 x 3 ml
1332-31Bilirubin Control, Pediatric, Level 23 x 3 ml
1290-01Complete D 25-OH Vitamin D Control, Level 1 & 24 x 3 ml
1470-01Dip&Spin Urinalysis Dipstick & Microscopics Control, Level 1&24 x 120 ml
1440-01Dipper Urinalysis Dipstick Control, Level 1&26 x 15 ml
1442-61Dipper Urinalysis Dipstick Control, Level 26 x 15 ml
1510-02Dropper A1c Diabetes Control, Level 1 & 24 x 0,9 ml
1440-04Dropper Plus Point-of-Care Urinalysis Dipstick Control, Level 1&210 x 5 ml
1440-06Dropper Plus Point-of-Care Urinalysis Dipstick Control, Level 1&22 x 5 ml
1451-31Dropper Spinal Fluid Control, Level 13 x 3 ml
1452-31Dropper Spinal Fluid Control, Level 23 x 3 ml
1440-02Dropper Urinalysis Dipstick Control, Level 1&24 x 25 ml
1431-31Dropper Urine Chemistry Control, Level 13 x 10 ml
1432-31Dropper Urine Chemistry Control, Level 23 x 10 ml
1250-01Microbumin Microalbumin Control, Level 1 & 210 x 7 ml
1481-41QuanTscopics Urinalysis Microscopics Control, Level 14 x 120 ml
1482-41QuanTscopics Urinalysis Microscopics Control, Level 24 x 120 ml
3410-02QuanTtest Red Protein Standards, Level 2, 3, 4, & 54 x 30 ml
5210-12QuanTtest Red Reagent1 x 250 ml
1461-31Spinalscopics Spinal Fluid Cell Count Control, Level 13 x 3 ml
1462-31Spinalscopics Spinal Fluid Cell Count Control, Level 23 x 3 ml
1190-01Sweat Control for Cystic Fibrosis Testing, Level 1, 2 & 39 x 3 ml

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