Kementec Solutions

Kementec Solutions, formerly Kem-En-Tec Diagnostics is a well-established, service oriented and financially consolidated company with 30 years of experience as manufacturer & supplier of components to the industry and to researchers worldwide.

Kementec has a leading European position in ELISA substrates and buffers for immunoassays. Their continuous goal is to deliver products with uncompromised:
quality and consistency, sensitivity and shelf life, ease-of-use, safety for personnel and environment.

Kementec values long lasting business relationships and the success of their customers. They consider themselves more as a trusted partner than as a general supplier. A part of this vision is providing high quality colorimetric substrates, and color-coded reagents, described as: colors of success!

Their immunoassay solutions are eco-friendly, creating a healty work environment and preserving natural resources, while helping their customers fulfill significant regulatory requirements. They call it ECO-TEK.  

Bio-Connect Diagnostics is the distributor of Kementec in the Benelux. If you have any questions about a product, please contact our helpdesk.

Major product lines

  • Substrates - a broad and deep range of TMB substrates for HRP labelling and pNPP & BCIP substrates for AP labelling
  • Diluents, blockers and stabilizers - a versatile range of buffers for sample dilution & blocking and a large range of stabilizers for plates, conjugates & proteins in general
  • WellChampion™ - a one-step blocking & protective buffer for microwell plates with the advantages of dramatically speeding up the plate coating procedure and improving sensitivity & CV%
  • Enzymes for labelling - horseradish peroxidase (HRP) and alkaline phosphatase (AP)
  • Streptavidin - detection agent with biotin
  • Enhanced polymeric conjugates - a signal amplification system recommended when only minimal amounts of specific antibody/antigen are available for detection. The enhanced streptavidin-HRP & enhanced streptavidin-AP offer ultra-sensitive detection, faster turn-around and an improved assay cost structure.
Cat. No.DescriptionAmount
4700CAlkaline Phosphatase10 mg
4660HAntibody Enhancer100 ml
4540HAP-StabilPLUS100 ml
4410HBCIP/NBT Substrate100 ml
5090LEffect Diluent High500 ml
5095KEffect Diluent Kit3 x 50 ml
5070LEffect Diluent Low500 ml
5080LEffect Diluent Medium500 ml
5150NEnhanced Strept-AP (1MG/ML)1 mg
4740NEnhanced Strept-HRP (1MG HRP/ML)1 mg
4210FAST RED Tablets (2mg)50 pieces
4120EHorseradish peroxidase - HRP25 mg
4530HHRP-StabilPLUS100 ml
5340LMultiBOOSTER500 ml
4110HOPD Tablets, 2 mg, fizz/buffer100 pieces
4110-100OPD Tablets, 2 mg, fizz/buffer100 pieces
4401HpNPP ONE Substrate100 ml
4400HpNPP Substrate100 ml
4720HProtein-StabilPLUS100 ml
5350LSample X-tra500 ml
4610CStreptavidin10 mg
4650LSynthetic Blocking Buffer-for blotting500 ml
4520LSynthetic Blocking Buffer-for ELISA500 ml
4450HTMB Blotting100 ml
5320LTMB EASE500 ml
4380HTMB ONE100 ml
4430HTMB ONE-Prestained100 ml
4395HTMB PLUS2100 ml
4445HTMB PLUS2-Prestained100 ml
4850HTMB SENS100 ml
4860HTMB SENS-Prestained100 ml
5280HTMB X-tnd100 ml
4800HTMB X-tra100 ml
4810HTMB X-tra-Prestained100 ml
4600HTMB-D Blotting100 ml
5230HUNI-StabilPLUS100 ml
4900AWELLChampion1 l

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