IBL Japan

Immuno-Biological Laboratories (IBL Japan) provides the best solutions for new drugs and diagnostic tools that enable human beings to safely avoid disease. Fully applying their work in research and development, IBL consistently produce antibodies for the immune system, which is essential for sustaining life. IBL specifically focus their efforts on the research and development of antibodies and ELISA kits for:
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Major product lines

  • Antibodies
  • Cell culture related products
  • ELISA kits

IBL Japan best-selling ELISA kits

Cat. No.Description
27600Gd-IgA1 (Galactose-deficient IgA1) Assay Kit
27784GLP-1, Active form Assay Kit
27718Human Amyloidbeta (1-40) (FL) Assay Kit
27710Human Amyloidbeta (1-43) (FL) Assay Kit
27745Human ANGPTL2 Assay Kit
27190Human N-ERC/Mesothelin Assay Kit
27734Human sAPPalpha (highly sensitive) Assay Kit
27998Human soluble alpha-Klotho Assay Kit
27417Human Thioredoxin Assay Kit
27412Human Total Angiotensinogen Assay Kit

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