HLA-G Antibodies

Understanding the role of HLA-G molecules under normal and pathological situations atracts many researchers and highly specific monoclonal antibodies are needed. Exbio offers a panel of unique antibodies that have been thoroughly validated by organizers of HLA-G workshops and are recommended as reference HLA-G antibodies.

On this occasion we want to promote the complex panel of anti-HLA-G antibodies:

Cat. No.DescriptionCloneApplicationAmount
1F-438-C100Anti-HLA-G FITC01GFC0,1 mg 
11-438-C100Anti-HLA-G Purified01GELISA, FC, IP, IHC(F), ICC0,1 mg 
1F-432-C100Anti-HLA-G FITC2A12FC0,1 mg 
11-432-C100Anti-HLA-G Purified2A12ELISA, FC, WB, IHC(F), IHC(P)0,1 mg 
1B-499-C100Anti-HLA-G Biotin4H84ELISA, IP, WB, IHC(P), ICC0,1 mg 
11-499-C100Anti-HLA-G Purified4H84ELISA, IP, WB, IHC(P), ICC0,1 mg 
A4-431-C100Anti-HLA-G Alexa Fluor® 4885A6G7FC, WB, ICC0,1 mg 
1B-431-C100Anti-HLA-G Biotin5A6G7ELISA, FC, WB, IHC(F), IHC(P), ICC0,1 mg 
1P-431-C100Anti-HLA-G PE5A6G7FC0,1 mg 
11-431-C100Anti-HLA-G Purified5A6G7ELISA, FC, WB, IHC(F), IHC(P), ICC0,1 mg 
A4-437-C100Anti-HLA-G Alexa Fluor® 48887GFC0,1 mg 
1B-437-C100Anti-HLA-G Biotin87GELISA, FC, IHC(F)0,1 mg 
1F-437-C100Anti-HLA-G FITC87GFC0,1 mg 
1P-437-C100Anti-HLA-G PE87GFC0,1 mg 
11-437-C100Anti-HLA-G Purified87GELISA, FC, IHC(F)0,1 mg 
12-437-C100Anti-HLA-G Purified Low Endotoxin87GELISA, FC, IHC(F), FUNC0,1 mg 
11-494-C100Anti-HLA-G PurifiedG233ELISA, FC, IP0,1 mg 
1B-291-C100Anti-HLA-G BiotinMEM-G/1WB, IHC(F), IHC(P)0,1 mg 
11-291-C100Anti-HLA-G PurifiedMEM-G/1WB, IHC(F), IHC(P)0,1 mg 
1F-389-C100Anti-HLA-G FITCMEM-G/11FC0,1 mg 
11-389-C100Anti-HLA-G PurifiedMEM-G/11ELISA, FC, IP, IHC(F)0,1 mg 
21-436-M001Anti-HLA-G AscitesMEM-G/2WB, IHC(F), IHC(P)1 mg
11-436-C100Anti-HLA-G PurifiedMEM-G/2WB, IHC(F), IHC(P)0,1 mg 
11-394-C100Anti-HLA-G PurifiedMEM-G/4WB0,1 mg 
1A-292-C100Anti-HLA-G APCMEM-G/9FC0,1 mg 
1B-292-C100Anti-HLA-G BiotinMEM-G/9ELISA, FC, IP, IHC(F), ICC0,1 mg 
1P-292-C100Anti-HLA-G PEMEM-G/9FC0,1 mg 
11-292-C100Anti-HLA-G PurifiedMEM-G/9ELISA, FC, IP, IHC(F), ICC0,1 mg 
10-292-C100Anti-HLA-G Purified Azide FreeMEM-G/9ELISA, FC, IP, IHC(F), ICC0,1 mg 


The kit is suitable for the determination of soluble forms of Human Leukocyte Antigen-G (sHLA-G) in amniotic fluid, cell culture supernatant, plasma and serum.

In this sHLA-G ELISA, standards and samples are incubated in microtitration wells coated with mouse monoclonal antibody MEM-G/9, which recognizes the most abundant soluble isoforms, shedded HLA-G1 and intron4-containing secreted HLA-G5.

Immobilized antibody/sHLA-G complex is detected by mouse monoclonal anti-human beta2-microglobulin antibody conjugated with horseradish peroxidase (HRP).

Cat. No.DescriptionAmount
96 tests

HLA-ABCE Antibodies

Besides 11 anti-HLA-G  monoclonal antibody clones in various formats, Exbio offers unique antibody detecting anti-HLA-ABCE molecules.

The clone TP25.99SF recognizes HLA-ABC and HLA-E, but not HLA-G. It can be used for discrimination between HLA-G and other HLA-class I antigens.

Cat. No.FormatApplication
Alexa Fluor® 488

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