Cisbio Bioassays (HTRF®)

HTRF®, is the premier TR-FRET (Time-Resolved Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer) technology on the market. TR-FRET technologies such as HTRF® bring together the sensitivity of fluorescence with the homogeneous nature of FRET (Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer) and the low background of time resolution. HTRF® uses two fluorophores, a donor and an acceptor dye, that transfer energy when in close proximity to each other. This creates a homogeneous assay format in which bound and unbound partners do not need to be separated as fluorescence emission from the acceptor is generated only upon binding.

HTRF® can be used in competitive and non-competitive formats and performed as cellular or biochemical assays in 96-, 384- and 1536-well plate formats. It has been applied to a variety of applications including GPCRs, kinases, epigenetics, biotherapeutics and quantification of a range of biomarkers including cytokines.

Bio-Connect Diagnostics supplies all Cisbio HTRF® products in the Benelux. You can find the products in our search engine. If you have any questions, please contact our techsupport.

Major product lines

Cisbio news

Cat. No.DescriptionAmount
62ASMAPEGAlpha-SMA kit500 tests
62AM4PEBcAMP - Gs Dynamic kit1000 tests
62AM6PEBcAMP - Gs HiRange kit1000 tests
62DL5DDCDiluent 5 (5X)10 ml
62EZBFDDEnzymatic buffer kinase 5X50 ml
62EL1FDHEpigeneous lysis buffer A10000 tests
63ADK045PEGFcRn kit100 tests
63ADK036PEGFLAG check kit500 tests
SHALOTBCHaloTag-Lumi4-Tb2 nmol
62HTMDADAHistamine - Dynamic kit - acylation reagent1 each
66PL96025HTRF 96 well low volume plate25 plates
62SDBRDDHTRF detection buffer40 ml
62SDBRDFHTRF KinEASE detection kit buffer200 mL
62ST2PEBHTRF KinEASE -STK S2 kit1000 tests
62TK0PECHTRF KinEASE-TK kit20000 tests
63ADK053PEGHuman c-Myc cell-based kit500 tests
62HIL1BPEHHuman IL1 beta kit10000 tests
62AMXADCIBMX - Phosphodiesterase inhibitor500 ul
62IPAPEBIP-One1000 tests
62CL1FDDLysis & Detection Buffer 113 ml
64CL8FDGLysis & Detection Buffer 8200 ml
61HISDLBMAb Anti 6HIS-d220000 tests
61FG2KLAMAb Anti FLAG M2-Eu cryptate5000 tests
61FG2XLAMAb Anti FLAG M2-XL6655000 tests
61GSTTLAMAb Anti GST-Tb cryptate5000 tests
61KB0KAEMab Anti histone H3K9 Me0-Eu(K)500 tests
62SAHCLBMethyltransferase assay calibrator1 each
L0040REDMuscarinic M1 receptor red antagonist1 each
PCLIP5HT2CpCLIP-5HT2C 5-Hydroxytryptamine 2C1 each
62PG2CDAProstaglandin E2 kit standard1 each
62RB2RDDReconstitution buffer 213 ml
62RB3RDEReconstitution buffer 350 ml
61SEBALBSEB - Suppl. Enzymatic Buffer12,5 nmol
LABMEDSNAP/CLIP lab medium 5X100 ml
SSNPTBCSNAP-Lumi4-Tb2 nmol
62AT3PEHSTAT3 phospho-Y705 kit10000 tests
61ST1BLCSTK-Substrate 1-biotin500 ug
610SADLBStreptavidin-d220000 tests
610SATLBStreptavidin-Tb cryptate20000 tests
610SAXLAStreptavidin-XL6655000 tests
C1TT1A2ATag-lite A2A labeled cells200 tests
C2SU1DOPTag-lite Delta opioid cell line (CHO)1 each
C1TT1DOPTag-lite Delta opioid labeled cells200 tests
C1SU1GLP1Tag-lite Glucagon GLP1 cell line (HEK293)1 each
61TK0BLETK Substrate-biotin50 ug
62SAHZLCUltrapure SAM cofactor (2.4 umol)2,4 umol

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