Biomedica Gruppe

Biomedica Immunoassays provides internationally recognized, high quality ELISAs for clinical research in the field of cardiovascular diseases as well as bone and mineral disorders.

Their customers include numerous top ranking scientific institutions worldwide, well-known CROs, and laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry. They are setting the standard for clinical research using serum-based calibrators and controls, thus enabling researchers to collect biologically reliable data. The provided immunoassays are fully validated. Biomedica’s experienced and qualified team of professionals provides technical and scientific support.

The majority of their assays are CE marked and ready for use in IVD. The company’s manufacturing processes comply with ISO 9001:2008 management system standards and conform to GMP/GLP guidelines. For specific markers Biomedica has become a world-wide market leader with a continuously growing portfolio.

All Biomedica's immunoassays are available through Bio-Connect Diagnostics, and if you have any questions contact our helpdesk.

Major product lines

  • Bone metabolism
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Oxidative stress
  • Nephrology and transplant
  • Lyme disease

Biomedica Gruppe news

Cat. No.DescriptionAmount
BI-RC4DAnti C4d250 µl  / vial
BI-RC4D-FitcAnti C4d, FITC100 µl  / vial
BI-20082HBig Endothelin ELISA12 x 8 tests
BI-20852WBNP Fragment EIA12 x 8 tests
BI-21032Borrelia IgG ELISA12 x 8 tests
BI-21042Borrelia IgM ELISA12 x 8 tests
BI-20413DKK-1 ELISA12 x 8 tests
BI-5000EZ4U Cell Proliferation Assay10 x 96 tests
BI-20702FGF23 (C-terminal) ELISA12 x 8 tests
BI-20462Free soluble RANKL HS ELISA12 x 8 tests
BI-20742Human Endostatin ELISA12 x 8 tests
BI-20022MDA-oxLDL ELISA12 x 8 tests
BI-20892NT-proANP ELISA12 x 8 tests
SK-1204NT-proBNP ELISA12 x 8 tests
BI-20032oLAB ELISA12 x 8 tests
BI-20403OPG ELISA12 x 8 tests
BI-5007OxyStat12 x 8 tests
BI-20492Sclerostin SOST ELISA12 x 8 tests

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